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Prairie Creek State Park to Eureka KOA (to be completed ((we're tired!!!)))


The 2014 Oregon Bike Tour: By the Numbers

IMG_2679My daily travel report series on our Oregon Bike Tour was intentionally short on numbers and long on description. Here’s a chance to get a more stats-based look at our bike trip for those of you who are numerically inclined. (more…)

2014 Oregon Bike Tour Day 7: Crater Lake to Klamath Falls

Crater Lake to Klamath Falls Bicycle Route Touring

I awoke to Anthony’s voice. “Trevor, did you just get up to pee?”
“No, I’m still in my tent,” I said. “In fact, I do have to go though, actually.”
“Something just touched my head,” he said, with an unmistakable tone of alarm.
I thought to myself, “well I’m certainly not going out there now,” and then I thought a bit more. (more…)

2014 Oregon Bike Tour Day 6: Toketee Falls to Crater Lake

Toketee Falls to Crater Lake Biking

I awoke at first light, rested and ready to tackle one more day of climbing towards our lofty goal of Crater Lake. The top of the road leading to the lake is situated at about 7,500 feet above sea-level, making it the high point on this and any other bike trip I’ve undertaken thus far. After much indecisiveness about the merits of seeking out the fabled Umpqua Hot Springs, we decided the nearly three miles of dirt road each-way was too much of a liability and got back out on the highway. I do hope to return to this area some day and experience the hot springs, as well as have a go at some of the roads we traveled without all the 15-20 extra pounds of supplies. (more…)

2014 Oregon Bike Tour Day 5: Cottage Grove to Toketee Falls

Cottage Grove to Toketee Falls Bike Route

After a much-needed night in the Comfort Inn, we got a bit of a late start on the day, leaving Cottage Grove around 10:30am. It was extremely difficult to get out of the comfy sleeping conditions (little roadside motels become a luxury on bike trips), but we managed to stumble over to the lobby for the free continental breakfast. I ate quite a bit, but Anthony definitely attempted to bankrupt the establishment via consumption! (more…)

2014 Oregon Bike Tour Day 4: Florence to Cottage Grove

Florence to Cottage Grove Bicycle

Knowing we had a long and unpredictable day ahead of us, Anthony and I were the first to rise from what had been a late night. After several days of breaking camp under our belts, the routine was becoming quick and efficient. Before we left Honeyman Campground entirely though, one more peek at the dunes and Cleawox Lake was in order. Much as it had been two years earlier on my last morning viewing, the lake and dunes were blanketed by fog, although this time the skies were already clearing above the serene morning below. (more…)

2014 Oregon Bike Tour Day 3: Newport to Florence

Newport to Florence Cycling Tour

The third day of our trip featured some serious hammering. We had a tailwind with us, the road was in great shape, scenic, and flat. Before we knew it, we had made Yachats and our breakfast stop at the Green Salmon, some 20 miles into the ride. The Green Salmon now occupies a special place in bike tour lore as the second best breakfast stop ever (you can find my favorite by checking out Day 4 of my Portland to San Francisco bike tour or just wait another day into this one!). (more…)

2014 Oregon Bike Tour Day 2: Lincoln City to Newport

Lincoln City to Newport Bike Tour

The second morning of the trip we awoke a bit stiff and with the discovery that a crafty chipmunk or squirrel had managed to wander into sealed panniers to pilfer my almond supply. I know it was a rodent and not Anthony because he’s allergic to almonds, but now that I think about it more, I suspect there may have been collusion! (more…)

2014 Oregon Bike Tour Day 1: Portland to Devil’s Lake State Park

Portland to Lincoln City Bike Route

The first day of our week-long bike trip through Oregon was also the longest day of the trip, at least from a mileage standpoint. After having unloaded our bikes from the boxes we had shipped via AMTRAK Express, we discovered we both had rear flats (coincidence or AMTRAK conspiracy?), so we thought it prudent to get an early start to the day.

Crossing the eastern part of Portland by bike light was surprisingly easy. Portland has great bicycle infrastructure, and combined with the deserted streets of a pre-dawn Saturday morning, we made quick work of the first few miles and over Broadway Bridge as the sun began to rise. (more…)

The 2014 Oregon Bike Tour: A Preview

Oregon Bike Tour: Portland to Klamath Falls

Next week, I’ll be embarking on a bike trip that my good friend Anthony and I have been planning for quite some time. For me, it’s an opportunity to revisit a few hot spots from a previous bike tour I took with my wife down the Pacific Coast Cycling Route. I know Anthony is looking forward to getting back to the Oregon greenery and is hoping for a little coastal fog! (more…)