Cape Lookout State Park to Newport

Today was shorter, if not easier. We awoke to a thick fog and got peddling after a tasty Mountain House breakfast. The terrain changed often throughout the day. We cycled through lush green forests, agricultural land with an abundance of cows and barns, sand dunes and finally the much familiar coast.

We stopped for a hearty brunch at a popular brewery named Pelican Pub and Brewery. I got hot chocolate and Trevor got to sample their award-winning IPA. In retrospect, 15 miles in was a bit early to stop, but we sure did enjoy it!

Once back on the road, our ride was interrupted by an unexpected climb with pitches up to 17%. This climb was supposed to be avoided by detouring a few extra miles around the mountain, but we learned from a make-shift cardboard sign that the detour road was blocked a few miles down. After much struggle, we rejoiced in our victory on a beautiful descent into Lincoln city. We stopped to admire the coastal views, rest our aching muscles, (and grab a Red Bull “for the wings”) before hopping back onto the bike and riding to Newport.

By the time we hit Newport (10 miles after our GPS had given up and died on us), we were more than ready to stop for the day, and appreciated the decision to pre-book a hotel room at the Day’s Inn right in the heart of town. We got changed and had a nice, casual walk down to the waterfront to the well-known Rogue Ale House, where we ate like rabid animals and enjoyed a few brews. Then, we hopped in the hotel’s jacuzzi, followed immediately by bed.

Garmin 500 Data:


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