Bike Hire in Bariloche, Argentina

San Carlos de Bariloche MTB hire

The resort town of San Carlos de Bariloche is perhaps best known for being an elite ski destination during the Austral winter, but in the summer, the surrounding area is best seen by bicycle. Considered Northern Patagonia, Bariloche sits in the lake region of Argentina, offering many great opportunities to mountain bike along lakes and up mountains used for skiing in the winter. There are also several multi-day excursion that can be undertaken that explore north into the Andes and other lake district towns in Argentina as well as Chile.

San Carlos de Bariloche Bike Rental Companies:

Dirty Bikes: A high-end rental company featuring Merida road and mountain bicycles. Dirty Bikes also offers a number of different bike tours, from basic level to advanced MTB riders looking for the hidden trails, to touring cyclists looking for a week-long mountain-biking adventure through the Andes.

Circuito Chico Bike Rental: This bike rental company specializes in mountain bikes and offers a 2-for-1 special for all-day rentals if you can get to their shop before 10:30am. Located at the started of Circuito Chico, this bike rental business puts you on the bike in the right place for exploring the best areas around Bariloche.

Cordillera Bike: Offering MTB rentals and targeting mostly those interested in the Circuito Chico, Cordillera Bike offers rentals by the half-day or full-day. Cordillera also offers guided tours and a bike-drop service if you prefer to start riding from your hotel instead of their shop. Reservations can be made online or at the shop.


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