Amsterdam to Rome Bike Tour: Days 5-8 Preview in Photos

The second section of the Rome to Amsterdam Bike Tour is characterized by mostly flat, river-hugging bike path riding and passes through four countries: Luxembourg, Germany, France, and Switzerland.

Day 5: Luxembourg to Saarbrucken – 95.5k

velo 8

Perhaps the highlight of the route from Luxembourg City to Saarbrucken is a jaunt along the Moselle River into Schengen. A small wine-growing town, Schengen is better-known for lending its name to a 1995 treaty, which allows for freer travel across borders in parts of Europe. Click on the photo above for more information about the region from Luxembourg’s tourism site.

Day 6: Saarbrucken to Strasbourg – 135k

The sixth day begins along the Saar river path (pictured above). Although most of this dedicated cycling path heads north towards the Moselle river, it continues south as well, providing a relaxing start to the day.

Later in the day, the route connects to another canal path, leading from Saverne to Strasbourg. Crazyguyonabike is an excellent resource for more detailed information on this portion of the Amsterdam to Rome Bike Tour route and hit photo (below) is linked to the appropriate part of the site, written by bicycle tourist Reuben Ferguson.

Bike path from Saverne to Strasbourg

Bike path from Saverne to Strasbourg

Day 7: Strasbourg to Basel – 128k

Bikes in Strasbourg along the Amsterdam to Rome Bike Tour Route

Click this photo for info on “le petite France” in Strasbourg from TravelingCanucks

The best way to get from Strasbourg to Basel is to take the Rhine Route on the west bank, which passes through Colmar. As is evidenced by the photo below, Colmar can but shouldn’t be sidestepped on the way to Basel. This being one of the longest days on the route, some may choose to travel to Colmar from Strasbourg and continue to Basel on the following day.

Touring cyclists on a budget might do well to buy supplies before reaching Switzerland, as prices move upward rather dramatically after crossing the border and into Basel.

An idyllic blend of French and German heritage in Colmar, France

Day 8: Basel to Lucerne – 112k

Cycling through Switzerland as part of the Amsterdam to Rome Bike Tour is as simple as following the North-South Bike Route.  This route is well-marked and about 85% paved, while the remainder appears to be packed dirt. The route is filled with undeniably attractive Swiss countryside and a few peaceful lakeside villages.

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