Eurovelo: Your Resource for Bicycle Touring in Europe

Eurovelo Cycling Route Logo is a great resource for anyone considering a bicycle trip in Europe. With 14 inter-European routes to choose from and a stated goal of 70,000 kilometers of signed routing, the Eurovelo organization is a touring cyclists dream. Here is an excerpt from Eurovelo on what their organization hopes to provide:

  • promotes economically, environmentally and socially sustainable travel;
  • improves the quality of EuroVelo routes in all participating European countries;
  • promotes the uniform signing of EuroVelo routes in accordance with published standards;
  • provides Europe-wide information on EuroVelo routes and national cycle routes;
  • supports the development of national coordination centres for EuroVelo route and national routes; and
  • fosters exchange of experience and best practice between European states and regions, stimulating high quality cycle strategies and infrastructure.

I have been aware of this organization since I first planned to bicycle tour through Europe after graduating from college (for various reasons I ended up riding the California coast) and it’s great to see the Eurovelo making progress. While it is somewhat lacking in detailed maps and information, their new site now provides first-hand experiences and more details about the routes than has been available in the past. Here is the general map:

Eurovelo Overview Map

I have been planning a few routes through Europe lately and am seeing significant crossover between my ideas and Eurovelo, which is encouraging. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to not only show you my plans, but some trip reports in the near future!


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