The 2014 Oregon Bike Tour: By the Numbers

IMG_2679My daily travel report series on our Oregon Bike Tour was intentionally short on numbers and long on description. Here’s a chance to get a more stats-based look at our bike trip for those of you who are numerically inclined.

24,835: elevation gained (feet)
6,500: highest elevation gain in a day (feet)
5,632: bugs plastered to our bodies at Klamath Lake (gnats)
5,000: average energy burned per day (calories)
1,600: Cool Ranch Doritos consumed by Anthony in one sitting (calories)
523: total cost of trip per person ($)
485: total touring distance (miles)
106.5: longest distance ridden in a day (miles)
69.2: average distance per day (miles)
60: per person cost for eight nights accommodations ($)
50: longest distance seeing less than 5 other people (miles)
41: time on the bike (hours)
38: maximum speed (mph)
19: fellow touring cyclists encountered
17: Trevor’s average gear weight (lbs)
9: Anthony’s average gear weight (lbs)
8: Times Trevor bemoaned carrying some of Anthony’s gear (daily)
8: total days on the trip
7: days on the bike
5: nights of camping
5: flats
4: flats in the first 30 miles of riding
3: whales seen
2: days without a shower
1: hotel stay
1: elk heard encounter
0: rest days
0: bodyweight change (lbs)


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