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BicycleTouringResource.com is the ultimate bicycle touring information website, and we felt that this wouldn’t be complete without a fun quiz to help you decide what sort of bicycle touring you might enjoy most. This quiz is just seven questions long and entirely humorous, however, it is surprisingly good at figuring out what type of touring cyclist you are, so click on the image below to give it a try!
Prairie Creek State Park to Eureka KOA (to be completed ((we're tired!!!)))


Meridien Ten Travel: A Gem for Touring Cyclists in Croatia

Meridien Ten Bike Rentals Croatia

Whenever my wife and I travel, I almost by compulsion begin looking at what cycling opportunities might be available in the areas we plan to visit. In this case, we knew we’d be spending a few days in Split, Croatia and that we’d love to do some riding on the Dalmatian Islands.

Meridien Ten is a bike rental company that specializes in touring setups for multi-day excursions in Croatia. Though we had only a day to take advantage of their services, I learned that their self-guided route across some of the major Dalmatian Islands from Dubrovnik to Split is their most popular. In order to make that particular route work, they are set up to offer transfers from their shop in Split to Dubrovnik and they do offer fully-custom and guided/supported tours as well.


Meridien Ten features a line of hybrid trekking bikes and road bikes with quality components. For example, our 24-hr road bike rentals included Shimano 105 groupsets and Mavic Aksium wheels. Having worked in the bike industry for a short time, I can say that 105 components are widely regarded as the workhorse of the Shimano line, solid shifting with enough heft to be both durable and reliable. Mavic is also considered one of, if not the top brand in the wheel category. I mention these things because when renting bikes, quality is important and often lacking. Not at Meridien.

We found the bikes we rented to be well-tuned and ready to roll. In addition, Meridien Ten has lots of add-on options to make trips of various length more convenient. Renters have the option to have their own pedals installed, or to go with flat or toe-cage pedals provided by Meridien. Rack-top bags with fold-out panniers are also available (a very-well designed version of this setup, I might add) as well as handlebar bags.

The Meridien Ten bike shop is located near the tourist center of Split, just a short walk from Bacvice Beach and about 20 minutes walk from Diocletian’s Palace. The shop is operated by Ante and Andrew, two very friendly fellows with excellent knowledge of riding in Croatia. They suggested a route for us on the Island of Brac and even gave us a route sheet with map and turn-by-turn directions. In addition, they knew where all the good little detours and vistas were, and pointed out a great restaurant for us to enjoy some local food and a pivo! Here is my wife Johanna with Ante in front of the Meridien Ten bike shop and again inside.

Best Bike Rentals and Routes at Meridien Ten Travel with Ante

Inside Meridien Ten Bike Rental Shop

Based on our experience, I would not hesitate to recommend Meridien Ten to my travel planning clients at IndependentTravelPlanning.com. Meridien Ten is a great option for cyclists on vacation in need of a quality ride and for touring cyclists looking to cycle the Dalmatian Islands and other parts of Croatia without having to sort out shipping of their own bikes.

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Eurovelo: Your Resource for Bicycle Touring in Europe

Eurovelo Cycling Route Logo

Eurovelo.org is a great resource for anyone considering a bicycle trip in Europe. With 14 inter-European routes to choose from and a stated goal of 70,000 kilometers of signed routing, the Eurovelo organization is a touring cyclists dream. Here is an excerpt from Eurovelo on what their organization hopes to provide:

  • promotes economically, environmentally and socially sustainable travel;
  • improves the quality of EuroVelo routes in all participating European countries;
  • promotes the uniform signing of EuroVelo routes in accordance with published standards;
  • provides Europe-wide information on EuroVelo routes and national cycle routes;
  • supports the development of national coordination centres for EuroVelo route and national routes; and
  • fosters exchange of experience and best practice between European states and regions, stimulating high quality cycle strategies and infrastructure.

I have been aware of this organization since I first planned to bicycle tour through Europe after graduating from college (for various reasons I ended up riding the California coast) and it’s great to see the Eurovelo making progress. While it is somewhat lacking in detailed maps and information, their new site now provides first-hand experiences and more details about the routes than has been available in the past. Here is the general map:

Eurovelo Overview Map

I have been planning a few routes through Europe lately and am seeing significant crossover between my ideas and Eurovelo, which is encouraging. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to not only show you my plans, but some trip reports in the near future!